Monday, August 27, 2007

Getting Started with Team System videos

The videos can be viewed here:

He talks fast and I can't remember all the information. This is the 2nd time I have watched them.

Here's a list of what I forgot or missed (so far):

1) add an application config file to the test project then copy the connection string from web.config file

2) a build is required before the test results can be published; create a build, run tests, publish results, then report a bug from the test result

3) edit the local test run config to add an assembly to code coverage; right click to view the code coverage report after the tests are run

4) The Extraction Rule to extract hidden fields is automatically added to a recorded web test; this could cause a test to fail, so you might need to delete unnecessary rows from the request under the Form Post Parameters folder

5) The Test Manager is used to edit the vsmdi file; this file is stored in XML format; select Test>Windows>Test Manager to view Test Manager

6) Select Test>Windows>Test View to run one or more tests; search for tests using the Keyword Filter; group tests by solution, project, type or other fields

7) Searching in the test view does not edit the test run settings

8) use witexport and witimport to modify the work items on team foundation server; WIT stands for Work Item Type (or use the Process Editor instead)

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