Wednesday, May 7, 2014

IE11/IE10 Blank Page

I was seeing a blank screen in IE11 every time I opened it after installing on a new laptop. This started happening after hitting and exiting IE before closing out of the Developer Toolbar. Tried rebooting, but couldn't get IE to work correctly. 

Found these steps to correct the issue:

1) Start IE11 (or IE10) via the Start->type "Internet"->Select the Internet Explorer (without addons)
2) Once it is up, press F12 to bring up the developer window on the bottom.
3) Once it is up and stable, close it via the X in it's upper corner (the developer window, not the IE11).
4) When the developer window is fully closed, close the IE11 (or IE10).
5) Now try to open IE11 (or IE10) normally to see if it is working.

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