Friday, January 2, 2015

STEP #1: Create New CodedUITest Project and manually add UIMap named UIMap1.uitest instead of UIMap.uitest Create CodedUI Test Project and add new UIMap1.uitest file

Run Visual Studio from Start menu and Select File> New> Project
Select Templates> Visual C#> Test> CodedUITest
Enter name for Project and same name is used for the Solution, make sure Add to source control is unchecked, and click OK

Click Cancel at message at prompt “How do you want to create your coded UI test”

Right click Project and select Add> New Item
Select Test under Visual C# items, select Coded UI Test Map, keep default name of UIMap1.uitest, and click Add

The CodedUI Test Builder loads - Click X in upper right corner to Close

Now you are back to Visual Studio with an empty UIMap1.uitest

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